Lightweight Motorcycle Trailer
For trouble-free long-distance towing -- and hassle-free storage in crowded cities or on a lonely trail -- nothing matches the Port-A-Chopper™ Motorcycle Transporter. It's engineered to provide safe, easy towing, and it tracks virtually unnoticed behind your tow vehicle. Best of all, it's affordable because you buy direct from the manufacturer.

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Prices Effecive: 6/01/09
Port-A-Chopper Motorcycle Transporter
Port-A-Chopper (80” m/c wheel-base) $1,460.00 ea.
Port-A-Chopper (Galvanized 80”m/c wb.) $1,600.00 ea.
Port-A-Chopper (96” m/c wheel-base) $1,550.00 ea.
Port-A-Chopper (Galvanized 96” m/c wb.) $1,690.00 ea.
Port-A-Chopper (Water Craft Only, Galv. 96”) $1,730.00 ea.
Port-A-Chopper Dual (80" m/c wheel base) $2,350.00 ea.
Port-A-Chopper Water Craft Kit “only” Galv.
(bunk boards excluded)
$405.00 Kit
Port-A-Chopper 4 x 8 Utility Kit (lumber excluded) 495.95 Kit
Fenders $129.00 Pr.
Fenders (Galvanized brkts.) $147.00 Pr.
12” Tire Upgrade $61.95 Pr.
Wide Channel Upgrade (8-3/4” Wide) $94.50 Ea.
Extra Wide Channel Upgrade (12-1/2” Wide) $220.00 Ea.
Tie-Down Strap Kit
(Includes 6 ratchet straps & 6 soft tye's)
$83.75 Kit
Spare 8-inch Tire $39.00 Ea.
Spare 12-inch Tire $61.95 Ea.
NOTE: Prices do NOT include freight charges.
Pricing is subject to change with a minimum thirty (30) day written notice
Made in the United States by QC Metal Fab, Inc.
1025 All Pro Drive, Elkhart, Indiana, 46514
1-800-828-1374 or 1-574-264-0570