Motorcycle Trailer
Click on the links below to view the video segments that demonstrate the ease of assembly, operation and disassembly of the Port-A-Chopper Motorcyle Transporter.

To view the videos you must have Flash version 8 or greater installed. If you don't have the latest version you can get it here. The video content is best suited for broadband connections such as DSL or cable. Dial-up users can view the videos, however download times will be much greater and video perfermance may be affected. There is also no audio for the web version of these videos in order to make the file size smaller.

The Flash files use progressive download and will try and start playing as soon as some of the video has been downloaded. If the video "sutters" or stops, the playback indicator has caught up with the amount of video that has been downloaded. To help, you can click on stop or pause on the control strip and the file will still continue to download. After a few minutes (or when the download indicater gets about half way) click on the play triangle in the control panel. As long as the playbakc triangle does not catch up to the download bar the movie will pay back smoothly.





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