Motorcycle Trailers
Port-A-Chopper offers a full suspension for unmatched
stability & handling.

Port-A-Chopper comes standard with an adjustable wheel stop so ideal tongue weight can be achieved.

Port-A-Chopper's tail lights are at the rear for optimum visibility and protection of your motorcycle.

Port-A-Chopper is supplied with a kick stand pad allowing one person to load or unload a motorcycle.

Why waste money on trailer storage fees -- or lose time searching for a place to store your trailer? The Port-A-Chopper™ Motorcycle Transporter disassembles quickly, and can be stowed in the trunk of a vehicle -- with room left for a suitcase or cooler.

In fact, storage is a breeze, since no component weighs over 44 pounds, or is longer than 48". Since a disassembled unit occupies about the same space as a large golf bag, the Port-A-Chopper easily stows away almost anywhere ... from the corner of your garage, to a garden storage shed.

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Motorcycle Trailer
Port-A-Chopper Dual.
Tows TWO motorcycles - CLICK HERE
One person can reassemble the Port-A-Chopper™ Motorcycle Transporter in less than 15 minutes -- with absolutely no tools needed.* The secret to fast breakdown and “no-tools” reassembly is the use of heavy duty, easy-to-pull Bent Hitch Pins, each secured in place by a Hairpin Cotter.

*Tools are required only during the initial assembly.

Motorcycle Trailer
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Made in the United States by QC Metal Fab, Inc.
1025 All Pro Drive, Elkhart, Indiana, 46514
1-800-828-1374 or 1-574-264-0570